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Aunt Sarah and the Amazing Power

Grades: K–2

This beautifully illustrated storybook tells a charming tale of three lovable kittens and their Aunt Sarah, while introducing the benefits of electricity in the home.


Electrical & Natural Gas Safety World

Grades: 4–6

This engaging activity book helps teach mandated science concepts while reinforcing electrical and gas safety messages. Covers circuits, conductors and insulators, states of matter, energy resources, indoor and outdoor safety and electric and gas emergency response procedures.


Energy Efficiency World

Grades: 4–6

This exciting book teaches key science concepts and contains science experiments, mathematical activities and creative exercises throughout.


Renewable Energy World

Grades: 3–7

Help kids become smart energy users who understand how their energy choices affect the environment. Explores electricity generation and alternatives to fossil fuels.


Energy and Your Environment

Grades: 7–9

Colorful, magazine-style pages explain how we get our energy from the planet and how our energy use affects the environment. Covers energy science basics, greenhouse gases, fossil fuels and renewable energy sources and many ideas for home and school energy conservation.


My Natural Gas Safety Activity Book

Grades: K–2

Lively coloring pages and challenging puzzles keep children interested as they learn the basics about natural gas from Kato the Safety Cat.


Natural Gas: Your Invisible Friend

Grades: 3–6

Students explore where natural gas comes from and how to use it safely and wisely. Fun-filled puzzles, lessons, math activities and word games.