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Energy Explorer program

Support for your community engagement activities

We invite all National Grid employees to learn more about the Energy Explorer Program and this website, and take advantage of its resources. The site is designed to educate K–9 grade students about electrical and natural gas safety, energy efficiency, sustainability and ethics. Its goal is to help kids gain a thorough understanding of, and respect for, energy-related issues, resulting in responsible energy use throughout their lifetime.

This award-winning site supports educators, students, parents and their communities through a variety of educational resources.

Order resources that support your daily work

Each year the program is promoted to service area educators through direct marketing campaigns that invite them to utilize online resources and order complimentary classroom booklets and teacher’s guides.

In recognition that our employees are the voice and the face of National Grid – making a significant impact on local communities – we invite you to promote this online resource and order student booklets to support your daily work.

Order your National Grid “Leading with Safety” presentation kit

This kit includes everything classroom teachers need to follow up your presentation and reinforce key science and safety concepts. The grade-specific booklets makes electric and natural gas safety fun and easy for students to understand, and each booklet has a companion teacher’s guide with lesson plans for every page. Keep National Grid’s safety message going strong with a National Grid pencil, a bookmark with natural gas safety tips and a scratch-and-sniff mercaptan card that teaches kids and their families to recognize gas leaks. Please place your order two to three weeks in advance.

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