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Do you use natural gas safely in your home?

Print this checklist and do this inspection with an adult in your family. If you find any hazards, check NEEDS FIXING and then ask an adult to have them fixed.

Home Safety Inspection
True Needs fixing
1. Small children play in areas away from the natural gas range and all natural gas appliances.
2. Clutter and flammable objects are stored away from the natural gas water heater and furnace.
3. Laundry is hung on a clothesline or rack to dry, not on gas or water pipes.
4. The flame on your natural gas range is steady and blue.
5. The natural gas oven or gas range is used only for cooking, not to heat the room or dry clothes.
6. Natural gas appliances are installed and serviced by qualified repair people.
7. Carbon monoxide alarms are installed and used per manufacturer's instructions.
8. The chimney flue and all appliance vents are kept clean and in good repair.
9. Papers, clothing, curtains and flammable liquids are kept away from open flames.
10. There is at least one multipurpose fire extinguisher in your home, preferably in the kitchen.