Ethics discussion guide


Ethical decision-making

Objective: To learn how to practice ethical decision-making by analyzing facts and circumstances. This might include distinguishing appropriate from inappropriate actions and assessing how a decision affects others.

Discussion: Using the sample given, assist students in analyzing the situation, outlining options and coming to an ethical decision. Discuss how the consequences of their decision may benefit others more than themselves. (i.e. if Grace doesn’t cover for Sylvie, Sylvie stays safe by staying home from the concert, and her parents are happy, but Grace risks losing Sylvie’s friendship).

Activity: Ethical decision-makingtry your hand

Discussion: Invite students to share their answers to the examples, and ask other students to give their own feedback to these. This could engender some lively discussion. Afterwards, point out to students that they have just been hard at work practicing their ethical decision-making!

Going further: Have students break into small groups and share the results of their interviews. Then, as a whole class, discuss some of the main points that make ethical decision-making challenging. How does one feel when one has made the right choice?