Respect & tolerance

Respect & tolerance

Every person is unique. Even identical twins have unique characteristics. It is important to be respectful and tolerant of people with beliefs, traits and practices that are different from our own. In fact, it is beneficial. Imagine a world where everyone looks, thinks and acts alike: Bo-ring!

Diversity is what makes our lives interesting and challenging. Being tolerant and respectful exposes us to new opportunities, experiences and ideas.

Chew on this: What if your family and friends did not like pizza and, because they did not like pizza, you never tasted it. Think what you would be missing!

At the moviesBlindside movie

The movie The Blind Side is about a family that adopts a homeless teenager. Despite many cultural differences—race, education, income—the family is able to bring the teenager into their home and change his life. In the process, the family is also changed for the better.

Going further: Exploring respect & tolerance in groups

Watch the movie The Blind Side and make a list of the benefits that came to the family from opening their home to someone with such a different background.