Integrity in action

Integrity means sticking to ethical principles and beliefs and being honest with one’s self and others. Another definition of integrity is the state of being whole, entire or strong. For example, if the leg of a chair becomes loose, the chair loses integrity.

How do you think these two definitions work together?

Teams working together

  • Do you have integrity?
  • Do you obey rules and codes of conduct?
  • Do you do the right thing, even when the right thing isn’t easy?
  • Are you always true to (honest with) yourself?
  • Have you ever stood up for something that you felt was right, even though others did not agree with you? How did you feel afterward?


What would you do?


Professional golfer Brian Davis did something that demonstrates how honesty and integrity work hand-in-hand. After being announced the winner of the Verizon Heritage golf tournament, Brian told judges that he might have hit some weeds while swinging at the ball that had helped secure his victory.

When the judges reviewed a video tape of the swing in question, they saw that Davis did indeed brush against weeds on his backstroke. Hitting an obstacle while taking a swing carried a two-stroke penalty. This meant that Brian lost the game—but by telling the truth, he gained integrity. If Brian had not told the truth, he would have won the tournament. Do you think he would have felt like a winner?

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