Drippy Math Activity


Drippy Math Activity

Leaks can really waste a lot of water. Do this activity to find out exactly how much. Get your parents’ permission. In fact, they might even want to help you.

Turn on a cold water faucet in your home so it drips very slowly, and place a bucket under the drip. Set a timer for 1/2 hour. When the timer rings, turn off the faucet, then use a measuring cup to figure out how much water was wasted. (Pour the water into another bucket and use it for plants.)

Close up of faucet dripping water
  1. Calculate how much water would be wasted if the dripping went on for 24 hours. ____________(total amount of water wasted) x 48 = ____________
  2. Use what you know about the water that would be wasted in one day to calculate how much water would be wasted if the dripping continued for the following amounts of time:
    • One week ______________
    • One month ______________
    • One year ______________
  3. How do you think a dripping faucet might waste energy?
  4. What are some things that you do to conserve water at your home or school? List them below.

You can stop leaks by turning off water faucets tightly so they don’t drip and by telling an adult about any leaks you find indoors or outside.