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Spring 2010
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Curriculum-Based Energy Education Website and Classroom Materials

Visit the National Grid Energy Explorer Website at for complimentary educational resources that you can use with your students. Subject matter includes:

  • Electrical & Natural Gas Safety
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy & the Environment

Energy Explorer Curriculum Includes…

  • Content that meets state and national education standards
  • Materials available in interactive
    and printable online formats
  • Teacher’s guides for easy lesson planning and implementation
  • Experiments, games, and useful information
  • Online ordering and feedback forms for your convenience

Help your students become
Energy Explorers. Visit today.


Most of the energy the world uses today comes from nuclear power and from fossil fuels: coal, oil, and natural gas. These energy resources are nonrenewable, which means that once we use them up, they are gone forever. Before that happens we need to learn to use more renewable energy from resources that will not run out, such as sun, wind, and water. Discover why we explore alternative energy.

Learn About Renewable Energy

You and your students can explore how energy choices affect climate change and natural resources:

  • Test solar cell circuits
  • Perform megawatt math
  • Explore the layers of the earth
  • Build a wind turbine
  • Invent new forms of renewable energy
  • Make a landfill in a bag
Learn About Electrical and Natural Did You Know You’re a Conductor…
and That Natural Gas Smells Like Rotten Eggs?
  Learn How to Use Energy Can You Imagine
Life Without Energy?

Water, metal, and your body are good conductors. Conductors are materials that allow electricity to flow easily through them. So, if you contact electricity from a power line, power cord, or appliance, you risk serious injury or electrocution.

Leaks from natural gas pipelines, although rare, can be a hazard. It’s important that you know about natural gas and how to recognize a leak by signs like a rotten egg smell or dead or dying vegetation outdoors.

Learn About Electrical and Natural
Gas Safety

You and your students can learn all
about electrical and natural gas safety including…

  • Conductors and insulators
  • Electrical generation and distribution
  • Lightning safety
  • States of matter
  • Natural gas production and distribution
  • Gas pipeline leak identification and safety procedures

Imagine life without energy. You would not be able to use a computer, ride a bike, or talk on the phone. Cars and trucks wouldn’t move. Lights wouldn’t shine. Plants would not grow. Without energy, life would not exist!

Learn How to Use Energy
More Efficiently

Learn about energy and how you and your students can use it more efficiently. Our site includes lessons about…

  • Energy efficiency
  • The forms of energy
  • The importance of saving energy
  • Energy efficiency and the environment
  • How to make a mini greenhouse
  • How to save energy at home and school
  • Energy-efficient appliances

Explore our world of energy education...

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